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Don’t sign the Cable Company’s 5 or 7 year contract for TV services that they are asking of you.

DIRECTV has just a two-year contract for their services and lower per room rates than cable. If you’re unhappy with your current cable company, like many of my customers are, you should read further.

Be safe with a local dealer, not a 1-800 number dealer!

We are an authorized commercial DIRECTV dealer and have recently finished installing systems at Captain’s Bounty Inn, Seaward Inn, Cape Hedge Inn, and Eagle House Motel in Rockport, Green Harbor Lodge in Falmouth, Sands of Time and Sleepy Hollow in Woods Hole, and The Vista Motel, Cape Ann Motor Inn, Sea Lion, Bass Rocks, and Atlantic Inn in Gloucester. They have entrusted us with their TV services for the upcoming year and are happy to be saving thousands over a 5-year period. We can do the same for you

Want to ensure that your guests are impressed the moment they walk into their rooms? Then you need DIRECTV, America’s #1 satellite TV service. There’s never been a better time to improve the entertainment you offer your guests. Right now, you’ll not only get our IN-ROOM CHOICE package for only $2.50 per month, per room but also receive an equipment subsidy (for new, qualifying customers).

Give your guests a home-away-from-home experience with DirecTV

DIRECTV makes every stay more enjoyable with the same popular networks your guests watch at home. They’ll enjoy access to over 110 of the best channels, including USA, A&E, CNN, and NFL Network and all of your local channels too. Perhaps this is why 92% of the nations top hotel brands have DIRECTV programming, perhaps you should too.

I bet you hate the cable company’s long-term contract requirements, very poor customer service, and their dropping of channels while going up on rates. Yes, they drop channels and go up on rates. You couldn’t get away with this in your business, then why continue with cable? They think they are a monopoly, but you do have a choice.

DIRECTV also offers seasonal disconnects to save you even more. Why pay if you are closed up to 6 months out of the year? Cable does not allow this. Compare the savings below.

Programming rate comparison example:

Cable… …$17.50 X 20 rooms = $350 X12 months = $4200/yr.

DIRECTV.…$6.00 X 20 rooms = $120 X 12 months = $1440/yr

Yearly savings……..(with no seasonal disconnect)………... $2760

Yearly savings……..(with 6 month seasonal disconnect).… $3480

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