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We will gladly accept your used electronics to recycle.  There are some items we cannot accept however, one of them being older, CRT type televisions.  In general, we will accept high-fi equipment, video equipment, photographic equipment, personal listening devices, and the like.  If you have a question about anything you would like to recycle with us, please use our contact form on this webpage.

Used Gear

At anytime we may have that used or vintage piece of equipment you have been lookign for.  Our stock can consist of anything, including turntables, amplifiers, receivers, cd players, and video products.  We aquire these items through trade, purchase, or by refurbsihing.  All used gear carries our 60 day warranty.  Call us or use our handy contact form on this website if there is a particular piece you are after.


We try hard to not let used electronics end up in the landfill.  We refurbish old, unwanted electronics for sale in our showroom and online venues.  Unrepairable electronics are pieced out, in hopes that the internal parts may be used to refurbish another item that we keep out of our landfills.

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